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In Wire Production, a Sliding Friction Predominates

In wire production a sliding friction predominates on each occasion where the wire meets a support,
usually in the form of a guide. Friction creates heat, promotes wear, and wastes power. 
Indeed, 1/3 to 1/2 of the total energy produced in the world is consumed overcoming friction.

Diamond-polishing Minimizes Friction

Diamond-polishing creates on the wire guide a mirror finished working surface which Reduces Friction,
Upgrades Wire Quality and which, when deployed along the entire line of production, not only
minimizes machine downtime, but also saves the overall power consumption.

Is Diamond-Polishing Expensive?

The cost of diamond-polishing wire guides has been reduced substantially since we initiated it 40 years ago, resulting from:

                           A lowered cost of the diamond grits
                           An improved, energy saving, diamond-polishing process innovated at COSMOS

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